Three & Four Year Old Programs

At Kid's World we believe children learn best through play and hands-on experiences.  Our program provides a combination of self-exploration and structured learning.  Each room is set up in centers to encourage experimentation and freedom of choice.  The teacher is there to guide the child through their learning experience.  The children have a strong structured learning environment as well, so each child will have a solid foundation when they start elementary school.

In our Pre-K program there is a new topic each week. Lesson plans are sent home each month. Other aspects of the curriculum include art, Kinderdance, music, and more! Our 3-year old class utilizes the Mother Goose Preschool curriculum, and our 4-year-old class utilizes the Letter People children's literacy program.

Our Pre-K program has received its Texas Kindergarten readiness certification through the Texas School Ready! program.  This means the State of Texas recognizes our center as having a kindergarten ready program.  We have participated in this program for the past 7 years. The children are assessed three times a year to help evaluate their progress.  The three assessments include: letter knowledge, vocabulary, syllables, on set rhyme, rhyming, and math, which are all indicators of school readiness.  We also take a field trip to the public library once a week during the school year to assist not only with educational improvement but also to help them socially.